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    About ChangMight

    ChangMight supplies a complete series of surface decoration products, including decorative high pressure laminated sheets (HPL), HPL sheets for anti-static floor, post-forming HPL sheets, metallic decorative HPL sheets, laboratory table top laminates, post forming table tops laminates and so on.

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    About Us

    Changzhou Maite Decorative Material Co., Ltd (ChangMight) is a highly technical privately-owned enterprise, which is specialized in design and manufacture of Decorative high pressure laminates (HPL) and HPL related innovative furniture and building materials. It was founded by Mr. Zhang in 1998, who was the first person to research, develop and produce the first piece of HPL in eastern China and has been more than 20 years since so far. In 2004, Changzhou Maite Decorative Material Co., Ltd was established with its factory brand ChangMight, which means company with permanent prosperity and striving for industry giants. And till now ChangMight trusted brand has become one of the most famous brands to choose by professional and innovative building designers all over the world.

    ChangMight factory supplies a complete series of HPL related innovative furniture and building materials, including:

    ·    decorative high pressure laminated sheets (HPL),

    ·    compact laminates,

    ·    fire proof grade A laminate,

    ·    interior and exterior wall system

    ·    HPL sheets for anti-static floor in computer rooms

    ·    post-forming HPL sheets,

    ·    metallic decorative HPL sheets,

    ·    gym, school lockers and bench,

    ·    toilet cubicles

    ·    laboratory table top chemical laminates,

    ·    post forming kitchen countertops,

    ·    solid table tops and coffee table,

    ·    outdoor furniture and outdoor kids slides, and so on.

    To offer good quality laminated sheets, we can ensure our customers for their qualified projects. ChangMight HPL sheets can meet and even exceed the National Standard GB / T 7911-2013 “ High pressure decorative laminates with thermosetting resin and impregnated paper” and CE criteria of EN438-3:2016 and EN438-4: 2016 with CE and SGS certification. ChangMight company is qualified with the international management system ISO9001:2016, and international environmental sytermISO14001:2016to enhance management levels and become the top of industry.

    Changzhou Maite Decorative Material Co., Ltd. covers 50 acres, with a total investment of more than $ 100 million plant and equipment, advanced 4 pressing production lines and 6 impregnated resins lines with advanced VOC air purification system in all workshops. ChangMight company has reached the target of annual production and sales of HPL sheets of 15,000,000 square meters, and yearly output value is almost 100 million RMB with10% increase in annual revenue since last five years. Since its found, ChangMight company has developed both domestic and foreign markets to supply the HPL sheets to every place in the world. The market distribution ratio of the domestic and overseas is 50% for each to keep sustainability in the business. 

    ChangMight company employs nearly 200 people, including undergraduate and or above staff over 20% , R & D staff over 20%, Q & C staff over 10% and sales service personnel staff over 10%, etc. ChangMight company makes customers’ satisfaction as our four basic principles: "satisfaction of the product aesthetic features, satisfaction of product quality and advanced technology, satisfaction of green and environmental products, satisfaction of after sales service. ”ChangMight company continues to strengthening the competitiveness of the enterprise, developing itself in the competition, and seeking opportunities in the challenge. All the harding working and sincere ChangMight employees are willing to work with all friends from all over the world to visit ChangMight and cooperate in business with long-term mutual benefits.


    Ø   To be the best manufacturer and distributor of HPL INNOVATION building materials,

    Ø  to supply the premium quality of products and excellent service,

    Ø   to establish the truthful friendship with global customers,

    Ø   To enhance the development of construction industry in the world.

    ChangMight business philosophy:

    ChangMight company’s business philosophy is "integrity, innovation, communication, and sustainability" with the enterprise spirits of " beauty, function, quality, environmental, and service," and to have every ChangMight employee being " integrity, involvement, initiative, and improvement ", and then being the leading role in the industry of Interior building decoration industry.

    Development plans

    ChangMight company is positioned to developing and manufacturing the most aesthetic, functional, best quality, most environmentally friendly decorative high pressure laminate, focusing on the service principle, to manufacturing and marketing the products and service both domestically and oversea, with long-term "ChangMight "brand management.

    ChangMight company is welcome to have long-term strategic partners, and itself keeps studying the advanced corporate culture in management to build core competitiveness and promote comprehensive advantages, combing with each other, fostering strengths and circumvent weaknesses, and seeking improvement in stability!

    ChangMight company have products aesthetic, functional, high-quality and environmental, with scientific management with strong global corporate culture., visionary, progressive, fast and steadily growing in the domestic and global in the industry.


    For each product, we are conscientious, strives for perfection, and strive to be more perfect.

    For each step, we follow the highly integrated system with professional technology to achieve the best return on investment ratio.

    For each customer, we carry out the principles of customer first with serious and effective pre-sale and after-sale service to be our guarantee of confidence.

    Team advantages:

    We have highly transparent management procedures, strict and meticulous operation process, and keeping improving service.

    We have unparalleled ability to handle with emergencies and do 7 * 24 hours synchronization solutions.

    We have monthly personnel phone calls to customers for best feedback notice, which effectively coordinate the relationship between the customers and ChangMight directly, and grasp the latest market news.

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