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    Established in 1998, Changmight is a manufacturer and a treader specialize in high pressure laminate for almost 20 years. We are located in Changzhou, near Shanghai, with convenient transportation access.  


    Changmight main products are decorative high pressure laminate, normally called as HPL, HPL sheets for anti-static floor, postforming HPL, metallic decorative HPL, laboratory table top laminate, hpl locker, hpl cabinates and compact laminate in all variety.  


    With a total investment of over $15 million and construction area of over 50 acres, Changmight workshop equipped with 6 impregnated resin lines and 4 hot pressing production line. The daily production capacity can reach around 300,000 sheets for different size and thickness laminates. 


    The glue making area can make 3 kinds of glues: urea, mixed and phenolic glue for different hpl quality levels. 


    All workshop is equipped with EOC air purification system worthy of $800,000 investment. It can reduce the formaldehyde and other harmful chemical component generated during production process before exhausting to the air. It comply with national green energy and sustainability standards.   


    Pour the glue in to the tank. The craft paper will be impregnated once while the surface decorative paper will be impregnated with glue twice before cutting into specific sizes.  


    Staff would put the impregnated papers on the metal plate waiting for hot pressing. Various surface treatment can be achieved by the metal plate, like matt, glossy, texture, emboss design etc..   


    After that the semi-finished hpl would be sanded and cutted in to sizes like 1220*2440mm, 1525*2440mm etc for standard exportation. They can also be cutted as per customer’s specific size requirements.  


    Changmight has also co-invested one take hot pressing machine for hpl cabinet door production, which is very popular in the mid-east market.  


    The postforming hpl can be packed as reels due to its high suppleness.   


    The workshop occupies large area of warehouse for its stocking, not only for carton box packed HPL products, also for raw material decorative paper and kraft paper stocking. 


    Bright and clean office area provide with harmony working environment for Changmight employees. Over 20% of the employees are R&D staff to guarantee its expertise and creativity.  

    Changmight has founded a branch office in the city center to expend its marketing share. With experienced salesman, the branch office has already contribute over 40% of the total annual sales volumn.   

    As a rapidly growing enterprise, Changmight will continue to strengthen the competitiveness and seek opportunities in the challenges. We looking forward to cooperate with customers around the world and welcome to visit our factory sincerely! 

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    • NO.151 Cuixi Road, Henglin Town, Wujin District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, P.R.CHINA
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