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    How many problems are there in furniture sheets? What are the reasons?


    Home is the place where we stay the longest time every day, and it is also the space where we can get along with our family. Therefore, when we decorate a new home, we always be cautious and careful. The selection of furniture plates is carefully observed and repeatedly selected. But even so, you will still encounter unqualified furniture products. There was no problem when I first used it, but it didn't take long before the furniture began to bend and even break during use.

    In this case, the "static bending strength" is unqualified. In recent years, many brands of furniture have failed due to the "quietness strength" inspection, allowing consumers to pay for it.

    What is the "quiet bending strength"?

    When the sheet is stressed, it will cause a certain bending. This situation is called “quiet bending”, and “static bending strength” is the pressure strength that the sheet can withstand when it is bent to break. Static bending strength is an important mechanical index of wood-based panels. It is the ability to bear the load of wood-based panels during use and resist deformation. The unsatisfactory static bending strength indicates that the mechanical strength of the product is poor. The direct consequence is that cracks or fractures may occur during daily use, and there are major safety hazards.

    Reason for failure

    1. Raw materials are not good enough

    The quality of the raw materials itself is not good, and the improper control of the specifications will affect the static bending strength of the plates.


    2. Hot pressing time is not enough

    The effect of the hot pressing process on the static bending strength of the sheet is critical and directly affects the strength of the sheet. Only a good hot pressing process can increase the strength of the board as much as possible.


    3. The amount of glue is not enough

    Due to the amount of formaldehyde released, the amount of adhesive applied is reduced, which directly affects the static bending strength of the sheet.

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