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    ChangMight supplies a complete series of surface decoration products, including decorative high pressure laminated sheets (HPL), HPL sheets for anti-static floor, post-forming HPL sheets, metallic decorative HPL sheets, laboratory table top laminates, post forming table tops laminates and so on.

    How to get samples:

    We are willing to share and promote our various classical and new products. Generally, samples are free, unless customized products will be charged. For obtaining samples, please contact our sales representatives, or get in touch with the customer service telephone number or e-mail.

    Sample safety packaging is the most important. We pay attention to each detail, for example, some of the easily damaged Decorative High Pressure Laminates, we will pack them with a safe film, stuffing, and or carton, wooden box and other packaging by its size, and then delivered to express logistics company

    Although the sample is free of charge, but in general, concerned with needs of all the national or global buyers, we may fail to pay all customer sample transportation charges by free. Acceptable sample transportation fee to pay, or prepayment to our account, we will use the safest and rapidest express logistics to proceed the samples to customers.

    (Express company:       )

    Payment term:

    We recognize the importance of security in trade. We can accept the following payment term.

    In domestic trade, since the products have differences in common and custom, we will check the order’s details, see if the order need to deposit or full payment and other requirements before arrange production. In international trade, all products are specially required, so all need a certain percentage of the deposit or full payment to release production.

    In the international trade, ChangMight company has signed long-term service agreement with China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation, to have the full protection in all trade transactions. ChangMight company can accept multiple trade term: Letter of Credit (L / C), Documents against payment (D / P), Documents against acceptance (D / A), credit (OA) settlement for export from China or trans export from China, and banks in terms of export trade accounts receivable transferee claims.


    Since 2015, ChangMight company has joined and used the new services of Alibaba: The credit protection services. We can show the strength of high-quality suppliers, displaying the amount of trade security, the real number of transactions, transaction amount, the buyer evaluation and etc; provided by Alibaba credit endorsement, we can solve buyers’ concerns for transaction security.


    ChangMight is building long-term relationships with our customers, so our payment conditions are not static, but dynamic and adjustable. We are willing to offer better payment terms to the customers who are always keeping a very good cooperation and good faith with us. The principle is mutual confidence and business safety in business.

    Delivery time:

    We will confirm the departure time with the customer. Once we have fixed the date of shipment, we will make every effort to ensure timely packing and loading.

    In general, the first order will take a lot of time, because we need to communicate the details to ensure that everything is very clear. Therefore, the delivery time of the first container will be completed within 20-30 days under the process of loading container to shipment. For an ordinary container orders, delivery time can be as fast as 5-20 days.

    One 20 feet container in accordance with the order, the packing way, the size of the product specifications, and packing quantity will be different.

    Delivery time is so important, especially for the engineering contractor, thus ChangMight always bear this point in mind, and do our best to deliver the goods in time.

    Specification Guide:

                                      Unit: ft

     Unit: mm





                                           4.3*8                                1300mm*2440mm 
                                           4.3*9                                1300mm*2800mm 






    Technology Center:


    Test Results 

    NO.: (2015)CJ-WT-T0562


    Test    Items


    Standard  Requirements

    Test Resuits

     Item Evaluate


    Abrasion Resistance

    Grade 3

    Grade 3



    Resistance to immersion in boiling water 

    Mass increase,%




    Thickness increase,%

    Maximum5 5




    Min Grade 4

    Grade 1



    Resistance to big ball hit(height 100 cm)




    Indenturn Diameter≤10






    Resistance to poilution


    Min Grade 4

    Grade 1


    Coffee(Every litres of water containing 120g coffee)

    Min Grade 4

    Grade 1


    Sodium Hydroxide 25%

    Min Grade 4

    Grade 1


    Hydrgen peroxide 25%-30%

    Min Grade 4

    Grade 1


    Show Pulish

    Min Grade 4

    Grade 1


    Citric Acid

    Min Grade 4

    Grade 1



    Tensile Strength






          Formaldehyde Emission






    Delay ignition performace

    Oxygen index,%

    Grade B ₂≥27



    Horizontal Flame Test

    Grade B ₂ MIn Grade HB40

    Grade HB 


    Vertical Flame Test 

    Grade B ₂ MIn Grade V-1 

    Grade V-0



    Installation Instructions:

    To choose substrates, bonding glue and construction tools with high quality. Nowadays, the most common base materials in the market are plywood, MDF, particle boards and so on. While choosing, it should be paid attention to the moisture content, flatness parameters and so on, especially when the substrate surface is required to use sanding and release treatment. Bonding glues are suggested to be good brand with high quality. Construction tools can be titanium tool steels and construction have to be all cut from one side of the sheet.

    The back of HPL and the surface of the substrate need evenly be coated with glue. If the substrate surface is not very even or strong absorbent, it will be required to use glue twice to make the surface curved and covered with glue.

    To make glue under the back of HPL and the surface of substrate evaporate bonding requirements. It is noted that because of season, climate, area, the glue of different brand will have different volatile time. It is essential to follow the instructions on the glue package with the practical experience and concern the construction conditions to decide the volatilization time.

    To stick HPL sheets carefully onto the substrates. Note: When the HPL is pressed up to the substrate, the air between substrate and HPL should be kicked out, and put forth with a rag roller, to make sure the glue can be evenly distributed while avoiding residual air inside  followed by trimming ,cleaning and other post-operation.


    Application limits:

    It is for indoor use only, not suitable for direct attached to cement, concrete wall, gypsum board.

    It is non structural materials and should be attached to suitable substrates.

    The laminates should not be placed in a place with a temperature above 135  degrees centigrade for a long time or in direct sunlight exposure.

    Maintenance and cleaning Guide:

    Do not cut, saw, or beat with a sharp weapon directly on the HPL decorative board.

    Do not place any objects with high temperature directly on the HPL decorative board. In addition, the lighted cigarette is not suggested to be placed directly on the boards.

    Acidic cleaning agent will cause unrecoverable permanent damage on the board surface, thus never use this kind of cleaning agent, nor do not use stained with the spelling of these detergents, rags and other items directly on the boards.

    When cleaning, please use gentle an non-grinding effect cleaning agent with wet cloth, and then wipe it out gently.

    After-sale service:

    We focus on every process details in service, we have strict standards on our finished products. All the products have to pass two procedures by our QC groups and we make spot works everyday .We can accept customers requirement with appoint Party or third party products inspection before shipment. We firmly believe that quality is the guarantee of confidence.

    But if there are any complaints regarding quantity, quality and packing, please inform us within 20-30 working days after the arrival of the container, with the pictures of quality and quantity of the product and the relevant reports.

    We will take the responsibility and work closely with business partners to find out the problems and put forward to the correct solution in the shortest time.

    If it is our faults, we will try any possible solutions to solve the problems.At the same time, we will make appropriate records for every complaint with the solutions to avoid the same problems happen in the future, promoting our products and services.


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