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    ChangMight supplies a complete series of surface decoration products, including decorative high pressure laminated sheets (HPL), HPL sheets for anti-static floor, post-forming HPL sheets, metallic decorative HPL sheets, laboratory table top laminates, post forming table tops laminates and so on.

    ChangMight CSR

    ChangMight is always keeping pursuing the most greenness and economic of finished goods and making energy management, waste management, transportation supply chain management to fulfill corporate social responsibilities, including labor, consumers, environment, society and so on.


    Committed to implement sustainable development policies, ChangMight company adhere to the highest ethical standards to protect important resources for human future needs. No matter now or in the future, ChangMight will insist on sustainable development as a trade virtues and values, and strictly adhere to do it.


    International certificates

    Since July, 2013, ChangMight company has passed and certificated by Quality Management System ISO9001:2008 and Environment Management System ISO14001:2004. 

    ChangMight HPL sheets can meet and even exceed the National Standard GB / T 7911-2013 “ High pressure decorative laminates with thermosetting resin and impregnated paper” with the formaldehyde emission of E1level (1.3mg/L) . ChangMight HPL sheets have also been passed SGS certification and CE certification, under testing of standards EN 438-3:2016 and EN 438-4:2016.

     ISO14001 英_副本.jpg   


    Green equipment upgrades 

    In January, 2016, ChangMight company has successfully upgraded the new production machines with all green energy, energy, stem and gas, refusing to use coal.

    In June, 2017, ChangMight company has successfully upgraded the impregnation machines with VOCs gas collect, treatment and on-line measuring system.

    In April, 2018, ChangMight company has been upgrading the hot press machines with VOCs gas collect and treatment system to meet the highest goal of clean production environment.


    The diversion of rain and sewage

    In May, 2018, ChangMight company has actively invested in scientific drainage system. The rain and sewage diversion is convenient for rainwater collection and utilization and centralized management of emissions, reducing the impact of the water volume on the sewage treatment plant and ensuring the treatment efficiency of the sewage treatment plant.


    PV Power Station Project

    In June, 2018, ChangMight company has been constructing the PV Power station project. The green energy project will not consume fossil fuels, no emission of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide. After the construction of the project is completed, ChangMight company will not only use the own electricity to save social cost, but also create a new regional landscape appears in the industrial park area.


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