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    (HPL)High Pressure Decorative Laminates

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      • (HPL)High Pressure Decorative Laminates
      • (HPL)High Pressure Decorative Laminates
    Product Detail

    High Pressure Decorative Laminates in ChangMight brand consist of layers of selected decor paper and craft paper ,impregnated with thermosetting resins, fused together under heat and very light pressure to have products with characteristics of fire resistant, water resistant, and heat resistant.



    The surface layers of decorative HPL are impregnated with colorful melamine paper showing various colors with characteristics of crash resistant, scratch resistant, heat resistant and durable colors.

    Internationally qualified

    We have the capacity of manufacturing 3000 pieces of high pressure laminates per day and make sure that the quality of every piece of HPL can reach and even exceed the clauses in GB/T7911-2013 which is national standard of High pressure decorative laminates with thermosetting resin and impregnated paper in China. We are qualified with the International management system ISO9001 to enhance our management levels and become the top of industry.

    Fashion designs

    The designs of ChangMight HPL sheets are not just comply with aesthetic requirements with thousand s of colors. They are more than exploration, which represents the perfect combination of forms and function. Customers will enjoy the happy feelings of ChangMight products during application. 

    Pursuing Innovation

    We are committed to offer high quality high pressure decorative laminates with rich and fashionable colors, leading the colors and products innovation in the industry. Depended on the international research and development platform, we can combine new technology with our building materials perfectly. We help building dreams designers and users with their creative ideas to come true.

    Professional services

    We believe the quality of service as the basic of our factories’ living. We ensure to fulfill customers’ demand with our professional products and technology information, best after sales service, and dedication of every employee in ChangMight to make ourselves becoming your best and reliable strategic partners in business.

    Various color designs of decorative HPL sheets 

    ChangMight HPL laminates are made by decorative paper and craft paper under the process of impregnation, drying, heat, pressure, and son on. There are thousands of color designs and surface finishes to choose.

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